A Prophetic Answer To Prayer


For the longest time Karen and I have been asking for clarity in our next season as to where we are to relocate geographically. Patiently enduring has not always been one of our gifts of the Spirit. Just when you have come to the end of yourselves Holy Spirit brings a fresh Word of direction. Such was the case the other day when Karen comes to me with tears in her eyes and says listen to this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkxpRbFERss Yes it is a secular song by a secular artist but God’s ways are not always our ways. It confirmed visually St. Augustine, Florida (Florida’s Best Kept Secret), will literally be our next home. Wowser, God you are amazing when you speak to your children when they are willing to wait and listen for your leading. How often have we missed it by simply applying ungodly logic to what we perceive to be “God’s” plans.

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