Move On & Launch Out


Over the past several months Karen and I have been hearing these and similar words so often that it became almost a laughable matter but in all seriousness this came as a direct result of asking Holy Spirit about our next season. We believe after over four years of living in Branson West, MO that our season of ministry effectiveness is over. So many prophetic factors have entered into this including songs, devotionals, God’s Word, relationship departures, severing of ministry alignments among others. Talk about closing doors we even had one of Karen and my favorite Springfield, MO eateries just recently shuttered their facility for no apparent reason: i.e. Jason’s Deli. Then our most favorite Branson Sunday choice, Longhorn Steakhouse had their managing partner leave due to physical issues. Matt was always so loving and kind to us along with several of the wait staff who we had come to know and love and minister to are no longer there. Black Oak Grill, we lost our favorite waiter Carson who for some reason up and left. Do you think that God is trying to tell us something? At our mature ages it certainly should not be a time of upheaval but when you sign on to follow Christ no matter what the cost i.e taking up the cross, daily dying, and following Him we really have no other choice but to Move On….Launch Out. Now the 10 million dollar question is where. With no firm stamp of approval by the Master we have laid before Him several geographical locations including St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Bradenton, FL, Mesa, AZ, Hopkins, MI (Sandy Pines Campground.). Our desire is to spend the Spring and Summer in Michigan near our children and grand children, then winter in the warmer climates. In a step of obedience we are putting up our gorgeous dream home up for sale Saturday the 19th. God has so blessed us with this place but we never want to hold on to anything so tightly that it becomes a idol. Our prayers are that God would prepare the right buyer to continue the spiritual legacy we have begun in this neighborhood, an over the asking price bid, that actually people would be literally fighting over it, that this whole transition would be one of smooth sailing. If God did it once when we moved here before, He can and will do it again. The journey of faith continues….

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