When God Does Not Make Sense…


It has been our dream home for over five years in the Branson, MO area. As you may or may not know for the past year we have been hearing over and over again in sundry and various ways “move on & move out”. Our daily prayers have petitioned the Holy Spirit to give us clarity on just what that looks like. It all came to a head this past weekend when only the second potential buyer came through for a 30 minute tour and then 30 minutes later a return call says the want to buy it for nearly asking price, something unheard of in today’s aggressive real estate market. Karen and I then went into a faith spiral to which we later had to repent of our not trusting our heavenly Father. When God does not make sense..we have to trust him in the process. Next steps…off to Florida shortly to house hunt and connect in person with Ty and Danielle (Untamed Truth You Tube Ministry) in the Jacksonville area who we came to know through a divine appointment on line. They are so much on our same page and have basically sent out a Pauline Macedonian call to us. So the journey continues. Prayers appreciate and needed! So PRAY ON!

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